Team building - Pavillon Du Zoute
Team building - Het familiale hotel Pavillon du Zoute verenigt al jaren traditie met kwaliteit waarbij een uitstekende service en een vriendelijk onthaal vooropstaan.
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Team building

Bringing people together, uniting them, bringing them closer together, that’s what we’re all about.

That’s why we create unforgettable experiences that connect people. It is our speciality to make you forget your daily worries. We do this with original concepts in unique places, where we create an unprecedented atmosphere. It is in that atmosphere of conviviality and solidarity that everyone can push their limits.

After all, what could be more fun than having fun together, pursuing a common goal and surpassing your limits?


During the Beach & Water Olympics, the beach and sea will be your favourite playground for a series of fun challenges aimed at coordination and team spirit, such as beach skiing, beach volleyball, surfing, beach golf, etc.

Count on an unforgettable day in the fresh sea air.

What happens during the Beach & Water Olympics depends on the desired timing, the weather and the profile of the participants. At the end of the day, the podium places will be determined and the Olympic medals will be awarded.


Surf, paddle, rafting or sea kayaking: choose your challenge and learn to surf and conquer the waves together with your whole team.

Have new experiences on your North Sea excursion, under the guidance of our experienced monitors who ensure that the team members learn everything in complete safety. Of course, the weather conditions are also an important factor here.


Your feet more or less on the ground but your head in the clouds…

Let yourself be drawn into an extraordinary experience, light and powerful at the same time, adaptable to your level. This is naturally supervised by professionals: the monitors of the International Kiteboarding Organisation (IKO) take care of your safety at all times. This beach-kite initiation will stay with you for a long time to come.


Sail in an ultra-comfortable boat to see seals in their natural habitat.

About thirty minutes by boat from Knokke you will discover a sandbank where these exceptional animals lie resting in the sun. A unique experience for young and old.


If you’ve always dreamed of taking part in Expedition Robinson, this is for you.

Enjoy this sporty, fun and challenging experience to the fullest. A good dose of strategy certainly comes in handy..


Our fun but at the same time ecological rally takes place by bike, go-cart or in an electric car.

You’ll be wandering the streets of Knokke, armed only with a road map. Along the way, expect unusual surprises, quiz questions, tests, riddles, photo shoots and even ice-cream blind spots.


Communicatie, vertrouwen, leiderschap: daar gaat het om bij het zeilen.

The values that apply here are ideal for boosting group dynamics. We propose three options, each of which will provide you with an exceptional experience.

  • Discovery Sailing – an initiation where you learn the basics of sailing while discovering what the group means to you.
  • Regatta Racing – a one-day regatta on a racing boat where your communication skills and team spirit are put to the test.
  • Treasure hunt – climb aboard a sailing yacht and depart on a treasure hunt. A must for those who want to discover new horizons.


During this activity, you and your team will make a film from A to Z.

You have to write a scenario, organise the shooting, direct the actors, provide sound effects and finally show the finished film. You start with a blank page but can count on the help of a number of professionals.

At the end of the activity, the Oscars will be awarded by the jury, of which you will of course be a member.


Doing a cooking, cocktail, chocolate or even ice-cream workshop…

You will create a close-knit team throughout an original, fun and fascinating activity by doing these workshops. Your employees are divided into teams and supervised by competent experts. Your taste buds will be spoiled: you will prepare the most original dishes, make fantastic cocktails and bake the tastiest desserts, after which you can delightedly eat and drink it all yourself.


An informal setting creates a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

We start with an introduction to the vineyard and the wine process with an overview of the different wine glasses and bottles.

The selected wines are tasted carefully, each wine coming from a unique vineyard. Different grape varieties and flavours will be highlighted. Of course, tips are given on which wine goes best with which dish.


Beer tasting… highly recommended!

An original group activity for team building is doing some fine beer tasting, this is highly recommended! You will be taken on a real voyage of discovery through the ‘Belgium Beer Country’. We are introduced to a number of typical Belgian speciality beers, which will also be tasted.A professional explanation of the beer styles is paramount so that after the tasting it can be determined which beer style best suits the individual tasting experience. Information is given on the techniques used, ingredients and the actual brewing process.


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